Amazon Interview Experience Selected 1.25 Crore+

Amazon Interview Experience Selected 1.25 Crore+
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A candidate Who Selected in FAANG ⭐One of the Leading Tech Giant Called Amazon⭐. He Share his Amazon Interview Experience Selected 1.25 Crore+ Package. Revealed

Company Description : Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Originally started as an online bookstore, Amazon has since expanded to sell a wide range of products and services, including electronics, apparel, groceries, streaming video and music, cloud computing services, and more.

Amazon’s success has been driven in part by its customer-centric approach, including its emphasis on fast and reliable shipping and its customer reviews and ratings system. The company has also invested heavily in technology, including artificial intelligence and robotics, to improve its operations and efficiency.

In addition to its retail operations, Amazon is also a major player in the cloud computing industry, with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform offering a range of infrastructure and software services to businesses and organizations around the world.

Let’s Go to Deep Drive Amazon Interview Discussion:

“Last few months ago, he had the opportunity to interview for a position as a Senior Software Developer L5 at Amazon , a leader in the tech industry. The interview process was a multi-round process, including an initial phone screen, a video interview and a in-person interview.

Phone Screen:Online coding Assessment (home challenge).
Round 1(Onsite):All leadership questions. Conflict resolution, ownership and DSA problem solving.
Round 2(Onsite):A little about leadership. Design a service for sending notifications when a stock price changes. This is all about System Design Round
Round3(Onsite): Leadership Questions. Coding question: Given a quantityDict, priceDict and orderDict, you need to return the total bill and update the quantityDict. Partial fulfillment is allowed. This is all about Leadership Round.
Round 4(Onsite):Canned leadership questions. Coding question: count island problem given a matrix. The island could have invalid input and you could move across diagonals as well.
Round 5(Final Round):No leadership question. Coding/Design question: Implement a function which takes an artist and a song as input, updates the song play count and play the song. Also implement getTopSong function which takes an artist as an input and returns the top song.

Share Thoughts :

The technical part of the interview was a lot easier than he expected. This should have been a red flag. he was offered a L5 position when he was expecting a L6 offer. he told the recruiter that this offer and compensation is not only lower than his current comp but also lower than the average compensation at L5. The recruiter never got back to him after that.

Amazon Interview Experience Selected 1.25 Crore+


  • Years of Experience: 9+
  • Prior Experience: Senior Software Engineer in a Product base Company
  • Date of the Offer: 15th July 2022
  • Location: Hyderabad, India
  • Base: 45L+
  • Signing Bonus: 20L+
  • Stock: 60L+ vested over 4 years.

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