Infosys Interview | Specialist Programmer | 2023 batch

Infosys Interview | Specialist Programmer | 2023 batch
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Infosys Interview | Specialist Programmer | 2023 batch. A candidate Who recently Selected in Infosys Specialist Programmer Role⭐. He Share his Infosys Interview Experience Selected 9.25+⭐ Package.

Company : Infosys

Infosys is a multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services to clients around the world.

Infosys has grown to become one of the largest IT services companies in the world, with operations in over 50 countries and a workforce of more than 259,000 employees. The company provides a wide range of services, including application development, maintenance and support, infrastructure management, and digital transformation solutions.


There are total 3 Rounds

  • 1st is Online Coding Round which is conducted on HackWithInfy Platform. Total 180 min time is given.
  • 2nd is Face to Face Technical Interview Round. (Approx. taken 50 min).
  • 3rd is HR Round. (15-20 min Approx.).

Online Coding Round- 1:

There were total 3 Question of Problem solving and 3 language were allowed to solve these 3 problems C++, Java, Python you can choose any of this which you have comfortable.

  • Q.1  It was an Easy question.
  • Q.2 It was an Medium Question based on Greedy algorithm.
  • Q.3  It was an Hard Questions based on Dynamic Programming.

** If you solve 2 question perfectly you would be able to the next round and got Interview offer from DSE profile.

**If you solve 3 question perfectly you would be able to the next round and got Interview offer from SP profile.

Virtual Interview Round- 2 (50 min) :

It was an Video interview with an interviewer on Microsoft Teams, duration of that interview was 1 hour. First of all he was asked to introduce yourself and from his interview where he mention he is good in Java Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms and projects. So, he asked brief intro about his project, tech stack of this project and asked some project related question . project discussion is long on 8-10 minutes. Then move to DSA part he share him a link and told that to solve the problem.

The question was LRU Cache problem.

Then move to OOPs part:

  • Question was:
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Tell me about what is Abstraction give in a real life example.
  • Tell me about Inheritance, types of inheritance, what is Multiple and Multilevel inheritance.

Then jump to DBMS part:

  • Question was:
  • What is acid properties
  • Difference between where and having clause
  • What is Normalization are its types
  • What is multivalued dependency
    Last he asked to “Do you have any Question?”

HR Round- 3 (10 Min):

After shortlisted from second round there was a basic HR round. This round he generally asked about some basic HR type question and bind up the Interview.

Infosys Interview | Specialist Programmer | 2023 batch


  • Education: B.Tech
  • Branch: Computer Science And Engineering
  • College: Tier-3
  • Designation: Infosys
  • Years of Experience: Fresher
  • Company: Infosys Ltd.
  • Position: Specialist Programmer
  • Location: India
  • Base Pay Per Annum: 7.35 Lakh INR
  • Performance Bonus Per Annum: 1.42 Lakh INR
  • PF + Gratuity Per Annum: 67,800 INR
  • Medical Insurance Per Annum: 5 Lakh INR
  • Total Cost to Company per annum: 9.5 Lakh INR
  • Benefits: Medical benefits
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