TCS Digital Interview Experience | Selected|7 LPA+

TTCS Digital Interview Experience | 2023
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A candidate Who crack TCS Digital Interview Experience for 2023. for the Role of Digital Engineer ⭐. He Share his Interview Experience how he crack 7 LPA+ ⭐ Package.

Company Overview: TCS

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company with its headquarters in Mumbai. more about go to official site TCS .

Interview Exp. | Rounds:

He was appear in TCS NQT 2022, It is an all India coding competition organize by TCS. He have crack the online Assessment and got a Pre-Placement Interview Opportunity for the role of TCS Digital Engineer.

Online Coding TCS Digital Round- 1(180 Min):

Round 1 consisted of an online test. The test consisted of 4 sections. The first 3 sections consisted of Multiple choice questions. You cannot go back and forth to any question in the same section. There was a sectional time for each section.

The test was divided into two parts Part A and Part B

Part A: Foundation Section (180 Min)
Verbal Ability – 25 Questions | 30 mins
Reasoning Ability – 20 Questions | 50 mins
Numerical Ability – 20 Questions | 40 mins
Traits – 4- 5 Question | 60 mins

Part B: Advanced Section (125 min)
Advanced Quantitative Ability- 10 Questions | 35 mins
Advanced Reasoning Ability- 10 Questions | 35 mins
Advanced Coding- 2 Questions | 55 mins


Advance Coding Question One of the coding problems was the straightforward LIS and the second problem was brutally hard. He solved one question and received the interview call for the digital.

Virtual Interview TCS Digital Round- 2 (approx. 45 Min) :

Round II was the online virtual interview. The panel consisted of 3 people, 1 HR, 1 Technical Interviewer, and 1 Manager.

The following questions were asked:-

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Tell me about the project (I blundered in it as I was quite nervous but as time passed by I became more confident in the later part of the interview)
  • Languages that you have worked with:- I spoke C++ and Python
  • Then the interviewer asked me some of the basic questions from python which were a cakewalk.
  • Differnce b/w tuple and dic? tell me about the array in c++ and python
  • Why you have used Python in it? Why not java?
  • Do you have expertise in Cloud? (I said Yes as I have studied AWS and GCP during my 3rd year)
  • Do you have the expertise in making Machine Learning projects? (Yes my previous two projects were in the same domain)?
  • Then she asked about the Applications of NLP and I said chatbots and AI-powered assistants like Cortana, Siri, etc,
  • Then she asked about the Google Service used for the chatbots (I said dialogue flow) then questions revolved around the dialogue flow like how will you integrate the dialogue flow, how will you integrate it to 3rd party services, authentication, and authorization, in the later part I gave up as it was reaching out of bounds.
  • Then she told me to write Bubble sort (I was expecting something better lmao)
  • Then came the HR and MR rounds.

HR and MR questions:

  • Why do you want to join TCS?
  • If you get selected in TCS and later on you received the offer from google, what will you do?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Which is your favorite author? and why?
  • Location preference?
TCS Digital Interview Experience | 2023

Compensation: TCS Digital Engineer

  • Education: B.Tech CSE from Tier 3 college , 2023 Passout.
  • Years of Experience: 0.
  • Prior Experience: Fresher.
  • Date of the Offer: August 2022.
  • Title/Level: Digital Engineer.
  • Location: PAN INDIA.
  • Salary: 7 LPA.
  • Relocation/Signing Bonus: 0.
  • Stock bonus: No stocks.
  • Benefits: Basic TCS Perks.

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